Week 14

Week 14

Hello Friends! I got my bloodwork results back!!!

Today is the day I show what I have been doing with the last 3 months. I think the numbers speak for themselves. Its happening.

I still have some work to do but I have made some dramatic changes to my health.

My cholesterol is normal it supposed to be under 200 and I am at 182. That is amazing! Its my first normal number.

My triglycerides have come down a lot! I need to get under 150 but being at 603 was crazy high. For people that dont know, triglycerides are fats floating in you blood and are dangerous. I am now at 262.

My A1C has come down substantially. So at 9.8 my average blood sugar was in the 250’s and at 6.4 my blood sugars on average are in the 140’s. This is such a good change for my first 90 days.

Gratitude is an understatement. This is my life and I was freaked out when I found out what was happening to me… I mean getting your bloodwork done can be scary cause you have to face what they find. I had some decisions to make and it has been hard but so worth it!

This is what can happen if you take charge of your body. If you need any help on starting your journey, message me and I will tell you what I did.

Much love and until next time stay kind and take care of yourselves.

Week 13

Week 13

14 week ago I posted the picture to the left. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I had just got home from vacation and in a matter of weeks I had put on another 5lbs tipping the scale to 163. After seeing the doctor and finding out I had diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, I knew I needed to change my life.

I have reached my goal of 146. I have lost 17lbs and feel so much better. I worked hard and have seen the fruit of that. I have been thinking this week about what the future holds for me, and have decided I don’t want to quit. I really would like to see the 130’s again. So I am going to try and get to 139. That is 7lbs and doesn’t seem to daunting right now.

I get my blood testing done this week so look forward to seeing those results. We had the flu going around the house this week so it made for some binge eating around here paired with no appetite at times. I realize thay I cant give up on goals and although a brief hiccup is normal, I have to realize I have an illness and cant just eat whatever I want.

Thanks everyone that followed along and supported me during this journey! You all helped me reach this goal by holding me accountable here. Much love!

Week 12

Week 12

Motivation Monday!

Hello week 12! Its been officially three months since I started this journey of healing my body.

It seems like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime ago. Each new day presents me with challenges and triumphs.

Today when I weighed in I was at 147. I am 1 lbs away from my original goal. Kinda crazy! I don’t want to celebrate until I officially accomplish it though. A lot can change if I don’t stay focused. It takes about a week of hard work to loose one pound so I still need to keep my head in the game this week. Then after that, I will have a reset. I want to think about what’s next for me. I have enjoyed challenging myself and working toward a goal. It has motivated me and that is exactly what I needed here.

My husband has since had his own testing done and has found some health concerns for him as well. I wont be sharing that on here yet, as I dont know if he wants to be so transparent with his story, but it has helped me realize that my getting in shape can directly affect the people around me.

Who I want to be… I want to be confident, pretty, strong, energetic and full of zest for life. LIke the young women I used to be. I want to be respected, appreciated for my thoughts. I want to have something to add, a seat at the table. I want to have close relationships with my family, my children and the people I love. I want to feel connected to my partner in a way I can fully trust and share. I want to be free to be myself and not feel held captive by my beliefs or my personal defects that are not useful to me. This next phase of recovery for me wont just be physical but spiritual. Its always been spiritual.

Today Is the start of a new week. We are constantly rebirthing. New day, new week, new year, new phase of life, new decade and now a new season. This is the time of year we get to rest, absorb the love around us and soon we will be ready to bloom again!


🙏 Until next week be kind and take care of yourselves.

Week 11

Week 11

A few months ago my husband and I decided to go see the doctor. We wanted to get physicals and bloodwork done so we could make sure we where in tip top shape for the next phase of our lives. We are looking to travel and document our discoveries! We plan to be active and on the go and want to be physically equipped to do it all.

I knew I wasn’t in great shape, but I had absolutely no idea I was so sick. My blood work came back with an A1c of 9.8, and my triglycerides and cholesterol were extremely high.

When I had the follow-up with the doctor, I just cried. Why wasn’t my body working correctly! I felt all the emotions but the only emotion that was going to do me any good here was determination.

I decided to publicly announce it, I didn’t want to be dishonest with myself and others. I thought this might help hold me accountable. I was given a set of tools from my doctor and I have done a ton of research on healing and being healthy. It has been 11 weeks now since I started documenting this process, and it has been a journey full of ups and downs.

This morning I weighed in at 148. I have lost 15 lbs! My first goal is 146. After that, I will get more blood work and make new goals for myself. It won’t end at 146 because I still want to push myself to be even healthier and stronger.

This process has been such an eye-opening experience for me. I didn’t realize I was capable of this. Maybe deep…deep…deep…down inside, I knew, but accomplishing this has given me a lot of confidence, and for that, I am grateful. We are all capable of this; we just need to get to the point where we can look up and want something different.

Week 10

Week 10

In light of everything going on in our world I couldn’t help but think this is trivial, but even in times of chaos our health is all the more important!

This week I have stopped pricking my fingers so much. I was testing my blood sugar eight times a day. I have consistently been perfect in six of those areas so I now just test twice a day in my areas of the most struggle. For me that is wake up and before dinner.

It takes a lot of discipline to not eat sugar and to say no to food that I used to eat regularly. What I have accomplished has given me a sense of pride, however I am not perfect. Progress not perfection, I have had a couple cheats this week! I said it, dont judge me. I actually hate that I did that. Plan to be stronger next time.

Even with my couple cheats, my blood sugar responses are improving, to keep that going though I need to keep my head in the game!

I am at 150lbs. Almost to the 140’s. My blood pressure has been staying pretty much in normal ranges. Even when its higher it stays within pre-hyper areas.

I am getting impatient and want quicker results but any quicker would not be very healthy for me. As I loose weight I have to deal with side effects and sometimes I feel like I am moving toooo fast but I have never been a half way person. So that isnt going to happen!

This holiday season will be full of some much needed diet detours. In my decaff coffee I am using milk and monk sugar. On Thursday I look forward to Prime Rib. Having things like this help with cravings. I drink a lot of water and I have this keto turtle treats that I indulge in when I have a sweet tooth. Mexican food has options for me to stay within my diet along with any meat and veggie plates. Its been an adjustment that isnt always cost effective but it is doable!

Week 9

Week 9

I have reached 151. My first goal is 146 so I will need to have a celebration when I reach that.

So it’s week 9! I was trying to determine how long I will do these updates. Not sure if this information has been useful or encouraging to you. It has helped keep me accountable for sure. So if this has been helpful to you.

As you can see below my blood pressure has greatly improved. I am also showing another huge improvement in my blood sugars. As my weight decreases this is easier for me to manage. I am getting to know how my body responds to different foods. I have incorporated some potatoes here and there. Not regularly. I don’t eat any breads or sugars still. This is not something I can change at this point because they will spike my blood sugar. Its also just not good for me. I have learned to much to start eating those things again and I am starting to not crave it as much.

I have reached 151. My first goal is 146 so I will need to have a celebration when I reach that. Not a food celebration but maybe a firepit party with my friends. I am getting soooo close. I am at the 5lbs away mark. My doctor is having a baby and taking a month off, I hope to surprise her when she come back with my hardwork and ask her to retest my A1c at that time. I have one month to loose 5lbs. That is feesable if I continue to stay dedicated here. That will put me at 17lbs loss but lets not count our chicks before they hatch. Its one day at a time here!

If you are struggling to get healthy and loose weight it can be done. It takes a lot of self love, discipline, support of family and a good doctor. The first step for me was getting my bloodwork done so I could see what was going on.

Until next week be kind and take care of yourselves.

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