14 week ago I posted the picture to the left. I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize myself. I had just got home from vacation and in a matter of weeks I had put on another 5lbs tipping the scale to 163. After seeing the doctor and finding out I had diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides, I knew I needed to change my life.

I have reached my goal of 146. I have lost 17lbs and feel so much better. I worked hard and have seen the fruit of that. I have been thinking this week about what the future holds for me, and have decided I don’t want to quit. I really would like to see the 130’s again. So I am going to try and get to 139. That is 7lbs and doesn’t seem to daunting right now.

I get my blood testing done this week so look forward to seeing those results. We had the flu going around the house this week so it made for some binge eating around here paired with no appetite at times. I realize thay I cant give up on goals and although a brief hiccup is normal, I have to realize I have an illness and cant just eat whatever I want.

Thanks everyone that followed along and supported me during this journey! You all helped me reach this goal by holding me accountable here. Much love!

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