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Shantelle Hernández

Always a dreamer and storyteller, Shantelle Hernandez has never lacked imagination. Shantelle is a full-time business owner, but her passions are reading, writing, and traveling.

Her hobbies are being on the water particularly kayaking, sailing and beach lounging. She loves to hit farmers markets and eat healthy.

A princess always gets what she wants . . . and Princess Ladison wants to keep her hair long, much to the queen’s frustration.

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What They Say

“After reading Shantelle’s book, I have witnessed a remarkable transformation in my relationship with my 8-year-old daughter. The heartfelt stories and valuable insights shared in the book have helped us connect on a deeper level, fostering a bond of love, understanding, and open communication. Shantelle’s writing is truly magical, inspiring both children and parents alike. I am forever grateful for the positive impact this book has had on our lives. Thank you, Shantelle, for writing that makes a difference!”

“After diving into the enchanting world of “The Princess’s New Hairdo,” my daughter has been thoroughly captivated and entertained. Every page is filled with magic, adventure, and valuable life lessons that have sparked her imagination and brought her joy. Witnessing her excitement and enthusiasm as she reads this magical tale has been an absolute delight. Thank you, Shantelle, for writing a book that has brought endless entertainment into our lives.”

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