In light of everything going on in our world I couldn’t help but think this is trivial, but even in times of chaos our health is all the more important!

This week I have stopped pricking my fingers so much. I was testing my blood sugar eight times a day. I have consistently been perfect in six of those areas so I now just test twice a day in my areas of the most struggle. For me that is wake up and before dinner.

It takes a lot of discipline to not eat sugar and to say no to food that I used to eat regularly. What I have accomplished has given me a sense of pride, however I am not perfect. Progress not perfection, I have had a couple cheats this week! I said it, dont judge me. I actually hate that I did that. Plan to be stronger next time.

Even with my couple cheats, my blood sugar responses are improving, to keep that going though I need to keep my head in the game!

I am at 150lbs. Almost to the 140’s. My blood pressure has been staying pretty much in normal ranges. Even when its higher it stays within pre-hyper areas.

I am getting impatient and want quicker results but any quicker would not be very healthy for me. As I loose weight I have to deal with side effects and sometimes I feel like I am moving toooo fast but I have never been a half way person. So that isnt going to happen!

This holiday season will be full of some much needed diet detours. In my decaff coffee I am using milk and monk sugar. On Thursday I look forward to Prime Rib. Having things like this help with cravings. I drink a lot of water and I have this keto turtle treats that I indulge in when I have a sweet tooth. Mexican food has options for me to stay within my diet along with any meat and veggie plates. Its been an adjustment that isnt always cost effective but it is doable!

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