Motivation Monday!

Hello week 12! Its been officially three months since I started this journey of healing my body.

It seems like yesterday and at the same time a lifetime ago. Each new day presents me with challenges and triumphs.

Today when I weighed in I was at 147. I am 1 lbs away from my original goal. Kinda crazy! I don’t want to celebrate until I officially accomplish it though. A lot can change if I don’t stay focused. It takes about a week of hard work to loose one pound so I still need to keep my head in the game this week. Then after that, I will have a reset. I want to think about what’s next for me. I have enjoyed challenging myself and working toward a goal. It has motivated me and that is exactly what I needed here.

My husband has since had his own testing done and has found some health concerns for him as well. I wont be sharing that on here yet, as I dont know if he wants to be so transparent with his story, but it has helped me realize that my getting in shape can directly affect the people around me.

Who I want to be… I want to be confident, pretty, strong, energetic and full of zest for life. LIke the young women I used to be. I want to be respected, appreciated for my thoughts. I want to have something to add, a seat at the table. I want to have close relationships with my family, my children and the people I love. I want to feel connected to my partner in a way I can fully trust and share. I want to be free to be myself and not feel held captive by my beliefs or my personal defects that are not useful to me. This next phase of recovery for me wont just be physical but spiritual. Its always been spiritual.

Today Is the start of a new week. We are constantly rebirthing. New day, new week, new year, new phase of life, new decade and now a new season. This is the time of year we get to rest, absorb the love around us and soon we will be ready to bloom again!


Until next week be kind and take care of yourselves.

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