Hello Friends! I got my bloodwork results back!!!

Today is the day I show what I have been doing with the last 3 months. I think the numbers speak for themselves. Its happening.

I still have some work to do but I have made some dramatic changes to my health.

My cholesterol is normal it supposed to be under 200 and I am at 182. That is amazing! Its my first normal number.

My triglycerides have come down a lot! I need to get under 150 but being at 603 was crazy high. For people that dont know, triglycerides are fats floating in you blood and are dangerous. I am now at 262.

My A1C has come down substantially. So at 9.8 my average blood sugar was in the 250’s and at 6.4 my blood sugars on average are in the 140’s. This is such a good change for my first 90 days.

Gratitude is an understatement. This is my life and I was freaked out when I found out what was happening to me… I mean getting your bloodwork done can be scary cause you have to face what they find. I had some decisions to make and it has been hard but so worth it!

This is what can happen if you take charge of your body. If you need any help on starting your journey, message me and I will tell you what I did.

Much love and until next time stay kind and take care of yourselves.

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