Week seven, by the end of this week I will have put 49 days of healthy lifestyle choices in front of me.

I have had a few slip ups. Some cause of my nerves. Like making a split minute decision where I felt I had no good choices in front of me and felt awkward with my company, I ordered chicken strips, fries and cheese sauce….Just to have them order a to-go salad with vinaigrette.

First thing that left my mouth was, thats what I should have ordered. I took a couple bites of my food and tossed it. Couldn’t justify doing that to my body. It made me realize my quick decision making on food is still struggling. I have some work to do.

After my sailing school,

I stopped my working out. I came home exhausted and lost a quick 3lbs cause of hard physical work and a strict diet and was exhausted and had two days of headaches. So here I am feeling guilty I have to say this. But my working out has completely ceased. I do intend to pick that back up this week. Going to need to get my head back in the game here.

Now that I confessed my sins let me tell you of my successes…

Yeah I screwed up that day on food, if you knew the whole situation it would make more sense. I was dealing with some hard stuff but overall I have stayed very strict and turned away sweets, breads and processed foods.

My diet has changed dramatically and one slip up didnt hardly cause a bleep in the diet matrix. I have lost 10lbs and weigh 153. My doctors and my first goal is 146. I have only 7 more pounds left to go. I hope to reach that. This will really help my diabetes.

My blood pressure was 129/89. This is slightly high but a lot lower than what my previous blood pressure was. It has been normalizing and all of this is tracked directly to an app. Just so grateful to have this going down. It was hard living daily with elevated blood pressure.

I know I have only lost 10lbs. Not like 50lbs but let me tell you I feel a lot better. Imagine walking around every day with high blood sugar and high blood pressure and having no clue you where so sick. I just thought this was normal. I also thought some other things about myself, like I am just lazy or overwhelmed. Not a very good way to think of yourself.


Now I walk around 10 lbs lighter with 76% normal blood sugars and only slightly elevated blood pressure. My body is healing and I am feeling a lot better. I still have some work to do, I hope to have an even better report next week. Most importantly I feel so hopeful and excited for my upcoming results.


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