Hello week six! We are well on our way to some new lifestyle choices. For 35 days I have considered everything that goes into my mouth. Will this help me or hurt me, is it worth the cost and do I love myself or the taste of food more?

I love myself! This is a wonderful body I have been given… it takes me swimming and sailing. It provides for me financially. It shares moment and experiences with people, places and things. I have great eye sight, I have strong feet and I have mobility to move where I want. All of that is threatened if I don’t get my health back in order. I am still young and have a lot of years in front of me and I don’t want to give these years to sugar. Sugar is NOT worth it!

My blood pressure has lowered dramatically. My blood sugars are 76% normal now and I have lost 8 lbs. my first goal was 156 and I have reached that! Next goal is 146. At that weight my sugars are less effected. Kinda funny how that works.

Some Of My Montras:

  1. Mind over Matter
  2. You are Stronger Than You Think
  3. Is it Worth It or ARE You Worth it?
  4. One Day At A Time

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