-Week three has arrived since my diabetes, high cholesterol and high triglycerides lab work came back. I actually cried when the doctor told me. I had a slight breakdown…. Not gonna lie! I know its not a terminal disease ”atleast not now”

However, I did know what it meant. It meant I had to change, I had to sacrifice and that seemed like a lot of pressure. I wasn’t sure I was up for the task.

I am officially 161lbs. I have loss two pounds. Not as much as I wanted but I have had a steady scale drop. I have lost 3 inches on my waist. I was a 37 and now 34. That has a lot of positive health ramifications.


My blood pressure has finally dropped to normal. At 111/78 this morning I opted to put off my BP medicine and check again this evening. I am only supposed to take it if I am 130/90 or higher. That is a huge win! I have had three days of normal BP.


My blood sugars are getting better but not normal 100% yet. I am at 30% normal readings. The rest are hyper. I have whats called the dawn phenomenon. If anyone knows about this, message me your stories. I wake up with high glucose in the mornings. I am going to start intermittent fasting this week to see if this helps.

I have been working out everyday and on Saturdays I do an outdoor physical activity. This week I kayaked with some old friends and new friends! Grateful for my body, yeah it not perfect but it took me on a ten mile kayake trip, loading and unloading, hiking on a slippery terrain to a spring and in and out of the kayak all day swimming. I may be facing some trials here but life would be boring without a few hurdles.

Have a happy and healthy week my friends!

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