Hello 4th week! I have arrived. I am still alive. Not depressed, not to hungry, and feeling extremely optimistic these days. I am finding food options. I did have to stay away from the doughnuts this weekend at the conference but thats ok. I got many years of those indulgences and now its time to stop.

I am a day late on my post but we had some craziness this weekend. I was fit to handle it, strong and got all kinds of tools this weekend from my conference. I live a sober lifestyle. This isn’t a typical thing in this society either but just like the doughnuts

I have had my allotment on booze too. This path of sobriety has taught me how strong and capable I really am. I wake up each morning grateful, in communication with God and just the 24 hours ahead of me. Just for today I will stay away from sugar.

I met with my doctor yesterday and I have lost 6lbs, and my sugars have dropped 100 points. If that isn’t proof that hardwork pays off, I don’t what is! It definitely has motivated me and has been a real faith booster.

I have appreciated the kind words and encouragement you all have shared here and in person. Gratitude is what help keeps my head screwed on straight and I truly am grateful. Loneliness is one of the hardest places to be and to not feel alone in this has helped me tremendously. We all got our battles but shoulder to shoulder we have the strength to get through.

Trudging to happy destiny and see you next week from the sailboat! Girlfriends going to be a  Captain

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