DAY 1 (August 15)

This is me… Day one of this new health Journey, I recommend you to document your progress so you may see yourself changing for the better. To begin is one of the most difficult steps!

Today is a new day! I have made a goal to exercise daily and eat healthier. I have been feeling slugish for a long time and after some recent bloodwork, it is clear I have some work to do! My goal is to loose 25lbs.

Follow along to see what I am eating and for updates on my weight loss. Today I weighed in at 163.

I have been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and high cholesterol. My triglycerides where dangerously high as well. I am a little embarrassed to put this on here but as I have decided to turn my profile into a public figure, I believe there will need to be a certain amount of honesty.

Thanks for the support and cheers to a happy and healthy future!

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